Committee Letter 2018

The 22nd Year of The September Art Exhibition

A very warm welcome to our 22nd exhibition which is one of our biggest to date.
There are 41 artists exhibiting with us this year including some past favourites as well as many new faces and young emerging talents.
We are particularly excited to have royalty in our midst with the presence of the Queen’s head. This remarkable sculpture comes straight from the Royal Academy Summer Show and is the creation of John Humphreys.
Our other guest artists include the unique and intriguing sculptures of Chloé Ginètte Squires and Billie Achilleos.
The Pea Pod cafe run by the wonderful professional caterer Lisa Elliott is back for its third year and will be open daily until 5pm.
As always it has been a pleasure putting the exhibition together and the committee are proud to keep going one of the oldest and most cherished art shows in the south east.
We hope you enjoy the show.

Kay Jones • Gavin Roweth • Ceridwen Jane Gray • Alison Trask • Chris Price
The September Art Exhibition Committee