Welcome to The September Art Exhibition 2014

Now in its eighteenth year, founded by Val Brinton in 1996, The September Art Exhibition has become an interesting timeline for me – over the years I have had the pleasure of witnessing the progress and rise of many talented artists.
I have been involved with the exhibition since 1999 and have seen over 300 artists come and go; many have launched their careers at the show and gone on to huge success and acclaim.
Sometimes it is worth standing back, taking a breath, seeing what we have achieved.. and being proud.
On a sad note, our dear friend Fi Hayes Fisher died suddenly in April this year. A photographer who let her sense of humour pour freely into her work – always seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. One of our most successful artists, something she found difficult to believe, she (together with her family) has been a long standing friend and supporter of the exhibition - we miss her very much. To honour her we are launching
The Fi Hayes Fisher Award, funded by her friends and fellow artists.
It is a huge honour to have
Guest Artist John Humphreys exhibiting with us this year, a celebrated Model maker & Sculptor, well known for ‘Max Headroom’ and ‘Alien Autopsy,’ he will be showing new works, predominantly portrait busts with a definite twist..
This ‘little’ exhibition of ours punches way above its weight; it is highly regarded by artists, buyers, visitors and Galleries alike – and it does, I hope, bring a touch of magic to Wadhurst once a year – just like when the circus comes to town.
Dani Humberstone SWA

John Humphreys
The Valerie Brinton Student Bursary (2014) Winners:
Molly Barns & Lewis Silburn (Uplands Community College)
Sylvia Tiffin Award For Imagination & Innovation
Brian Hebert Award for Landscape Painting
Fi Hayes Fisher Award for Best Artwork